About Congress

China-SAE is proud to host the 2020 CHINA-SAE CONGRESS & EXHIBITION in Shanghai, on October, 2019.

The automotive industry in China has been developing rapidly since the new era, and has ranked first in the world for eight consecutive years in both annual vehicle sales and production. In 2017, each of sales and production topped about 30˜million. And it is estimated that by 2030, China's Car Parc will increase from 200 million to 500 million. With its largest sales and production, high growth rate and great development potential, China's automotive industry is becoming more important in global automotive industry. 

In the meantime, the automotive industry in China is shifting from speed-oriented growth to quality-oriented growth, and promoting a green, harmonious, healthy and sustainable development that takes low carbon, electrification and automation as future directions. The Chinese government has issued related policies including The Medium and Long-term Development Plan for Automotive Industry, Technology Roadmap for Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicles, and Parallel Management Method of Average Fuel Consumption Credit and New Energy Vehicle Credit for Passenger Car Enterprises ("Dual-Credit" policy) to support and guide the development of New Energy Vehicles (NEV) and Intelligent and Connected Vehicles (ICV). 

2020 SAECCE will focus on the opportunities and challenges of NEV and ICV to discuss a variety of topics: the integration of NEV with renewable energies, the mobility and sharing economy for the industrialization of NEV, the challenges of "Dual-Credit" policy for OEMs, the making of polices and regulations for ICV, how to create a policy environment in favor of ICV, and how to promote an innovative development of ICV technologies through competition and cooperation. We welcome a positive participation of engineers all over the world to submit your papers to the Congress and share your ideas.

Looking forward to seeing you in Shanghai during the 2020 SAECCE, an automotive event that you must attend!


Founded in 1963, Society of Automotive Engineers of China (China-SAE) is a corporate member of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), and is a national non-profit academic organization supported by enterprises, institutions and engineers in the fields of automotive and relative industries. It is also a member society of FISITA as well as one of the initiators of Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference (APAC).

As a 5A-level national academic social organization recognized by the Chinese government, in its 50 years of history, China-SAE has been serving as an indispensable and important force in promoting healthy and continuous development of the automotive industry, and has been widely recognized by the industry as well as other walks of the society.

Currently, there are 39 branches and representative offices in the family tree of China-SAE, and it has also established instructive relationship with provisional automotive engineering societies over daily business all across the country. With thousands of individual members and nearly one thousand corporate members, China-SAE serves as a major driving force for disseminating new ideas, exchanging new technologies and promoting new concepts in China, as well as a significant bridge for automotive engineering communications between China and the international community.

This event is organized under FISITA Patronage. FISITA is the international federation linking the national automotive engineering societies in 37 countries. FISITA was founded in 1948 as a neutral forum for the exchange of technical knowledge on every aspect of vehicle design, development and manufacture. FISITA is a non-profit organisation committed to helping create efficient, affordable, safe and sustainable automotive transportation.