In recent years, the impact of the new round of technological and industrial revolutions represented by technologies such as the Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, new energy, and new materials has been continuously deepening. The new features of "electrification, intelligence, networking, and sharing" have also shown continuous strengthening, integration, iteration, and mutual empowerment. As of 2022, China's automobile production and sales have consistently ranked first in the world for 14 consecutive years; The production and sales of new energy vehicles have ranked first in the world for 8 consecutive years; Meanwhile, in the first half of this year, the penetration rate of the new energy vehicle market reached 28.3%. In terms of intelligent connected vehicles, the penetration rate of passenger cars equipped with L2 level auxiliary driving function reached 34.9%. With new energy vehicles and intelligent connected vehicles as carriers, the global automotive industry has entered a new development pattern.
Technical Exhibition
SAECCE has become a highly professional and international platform with great influence for technical exchange in domestic automotive industry and an independent stage opened for domestic and foreign vehicle, parts and manufacturing equipment companies. The technical exhibition area of SAECCE 2023 will reach 15,000 square meters, covering nine major sectors which are:
  • V2X, Cyber Security and Smart Transport Area
  • Sensor Area
  • High-precision Maps And Positioning Technology Area
  • Automotive Testing Area
  • Powertrain Technology Area
  • Material lightweight and riveting component Area
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