Visitor Center
  • Venue: Beiren Etrong Internation & Convention Center, Beijing (NO.6 Changdong Street, Yizhuang, Daxing District, Beijing City)

  • Departure from Beijing Capital International Airport:
    Take a taxi, 43 kilometers away, about 1 hour drive
    Take the Airport Express to Sanyuanqiao → Subway Line 10 to Songjiazhuang → Yizhuang Line to Rongchang East Street Station, taking about 1.5 hours

  • Departure from Beijing Daxing International Airport:
    Take a taxi, 42 kilometers away, about 45 minutes drive

  • Departure from Beijing South Station and Beijing Station:
    Take a taxi, 21 kilometers away, about 40 minutes drive

  • Rail transit (closest subway station):
    Subway Yizhuang Line: Rongchang East Street Station, about 400 meters away