Concurrent Event
CTO Summit

China Automotive Technology Summit (CTO) closed-door summit (hereinafter referred to as CTO closed-door summit)It is a platform for thought exchange and interaction built by technical leaders and strategic experts of domestic and foreign vehicle and parts companies in China to focus on industry hotspots and technical issues.

CTO closed door summit invited GAC, Brilliance, Changan, Great Wall, NIO, Xiaopeng, Bosch, ZF, Cummins, Schaeffler, Faurecia, Brose Automotive, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Pan Asia, China National Automobile (Beijing) Intelligent Network United Automotive Research Institute, Zhongqi Chuangzhi, Huawei, Tsinghua University Technical leaders and strategic experts from nearly 20 well-known domestic and foreign companies and research institutes attended the meeting.

The conference focused on the global economic downturn and the impact of the new crown epidemic on the global automotive industry chain, and studied how to maintain the safety and stability of the automotive industry chain and achieve technological transformation under the background of the epidemic.