About Conference & Exhibition
  • What is the conference about?
  • When is the Invoice Send Out?
  • What does the Expense Include?
  • What is the Content of the Invoice
  • If I cannot attend the conference due to personal arrangements, can I get a refund and how?
  • Can I Get Refund if I didn't on Spot

Group Audience Registration
  • How to register as a group?
  • How to enter the Venue as a group?

Transportation and Accommodation
  • How to Arrange the shuttle bus?
  • How to Reserve a Hotel?
  • What do I do, if there are no agreement price hotel?

About Papers
  • How to Submit Papers
  • How to Make Sure the Papers Admission Channel
  • How to Make Sure the Papers Submission?
  • What is Requirements for Papers?
  • Which Publications will Accept the Papers?
  • Does Automotive Innovation can access to SCI?
  • Can papers could be revised after the deadline of revision