CTO Summit
Closed-door Chinese Technical Leaders (CTO) Summit

At present, a trend of global manufacturing industry pattern remodeling led by new technology revolution has been prevailed remarkably,the unparalleled automotive industry once again become the cross-border integration platform and the carrier of innovation and new technology, new emerging power is accelerating into the field and traditional enterprises are also actively responding to the challenges and seeking new development. At the meantime, automobile technology continuously evolves in the direction of low-carbonization, informatization and intellectualization, interoperability, vehicle connectivity and automatic drive are leading to industry concerns constantly. It all comes down to the core focuses and general concerns of how to seize the future strategic high ground in the period of historical opportunity with automotive intellectualization and power system transformation.

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Therefore the summit calls for automobile technology leading pioneers, focusing on China automobile industry in the new situation, new changes and new development,to discuss auto-technology trends and opportunities in new era, cross-border integration and innovation, strategy route recommendation.