2020 C-V2X New Four Layers Interoperability Application

C-V2X communication technology allows Intelligent and Connected Vehicles to connect to everything. With the help of new-generation communication technologies such as high-speed, low-latency, and long-distance communication, the Internet of Vehicles C-V2X will Bring car users more personalized information services, safer and more reliable driving assistance and many other experience upgrades. In the future, the car is about to undergo earth-shaking changes. More and more people are sitting in the car, looking forward to more experiences brought by the car. It is a vehicle and an intelligent terminal on wheels. This experience requires Internet of Vehicles, and C-V2X communication security is a key prerequisite and important guarantee for the commercial deployment of Internet of Vehicles. The 5G evolution-oriented C-V2X communication technology can provide key support for the all-round connection of vehicles and vehicles, vehicles and roads, vehicles and people, and vehicles and networks. It has broad commercial operation prospects. Operators, equipment manufacturers, and automobile manufacturers Relevant parties such as the Internet of Vehicles industry are actively deploying applications and product development, and many cities in China have taken the Internet of Vehicles industry as a key development direction.